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i'm back on the internet, yaay.

Guess who's computer has the internet. Mine does! Finally. Woooh. Well yes i'll be getting back into the swing of things. Besides that i've had a lovely week off, due to my wonderful nasal surgery. What a bitch that is, i better breathe like fishnet stockings after they take those stints out. To clarify, my septum has been twisted for quite some years now and apparently there are spurs(??) in my left nostril, so i finally got some minor correctional surgery last tuesday, and it's been a slow and unpleasant recovery. Ups were that envelope you guys signed, that was really nice, i love you guys, and Alec coming over, i love you guy, and movies. Downs were throwing up halfway through Federico Fellini's 81/2, codeine and subtitles don't mix well, and general not feeling goodness. Today though, i feel dapper from my napper to my feet, and i'll be back tuesday morning and wednesday afternoon. So there, my first post in a while.
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