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im leaving for a while, damnit

Well, i almost forgot about this frequent posting thing that all you hep-cats do, but i figured this was a tad important, im just letting you all know that between june 26 all the way to august 7th, i will be incommunicato, what with my summer job: being a production assistant in gravenhurst for a theatrical production! yipee! it's gonna be hell, day-in day-out gophering, lighting, striking, and getting yelled at by classicly-trained drunkards. it'll be an experience all right, and i think the pay is good. so yeah, i shall miss you all my duckies, fantastic get together Jenna and the gang, i had a erally great time, very sorry i couldn't make it to your party erin, though i heard it was a great success, also i'd like to apologize to Nick for not getting in any hang-time before i leave....a-WAckAdOO.
On a different note, i will be pulling for a nifty shin-dig at my humble abode whence i return, and if you're really cool i might invite you. or if i know you? yeah. so i think i'll wrap this up now.
Ahem, Goodbye you psychopaths, and have a lovely summer.

Sincerely, Ty "the yellow dart" Kostyk
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