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"This guy's fuckin nuts."

What an excellent weekend. Friday night with my favourite people (((sans Alec) cause Al's a bitch) nah man, i love you), amazing play down at the bobbit, awesome presents, all thanks to Nick, Anna, and Toby. Saturday night, after a ridiculous amount of time and energy spent on trying to get to Erin's "cast party", much love goes to my nigga wit da gold rims, Wanye. Had way too much fun there, fuckin' ruuuude dance off motha fucka, hurry with those photos Bri, me and Hunter S. out back suckin the butt (OH NO YOU DIH ENNT), The Chronic-What!-cals of Narnia, Erin's incredibly entertaining under-the-influence jargon, "Stop that JApaNese shhiit..", "don't, don't......donn't,...don't...don't.......STOP IT(slaps nearest person)", and of course, who could forget.....fwoosh...fwoosh...fwoosh.....mmmmVVIICKYYYYY. Today was a little humdrum, felt a bit queasy so i slept a lot, but this was nonetheless, the best weekend i've had in a while. So in closing, uh M-MERRY FUCKINN CHRISTMASS!
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