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MMMMmmmmmmyeahh, Of Montreal was so gosh darned sexual, I mean, Kevin came out in a wedding gown and married us for goodness sake. Now, i haven't seen too many concerts, but oh my my, when Dottie busted out The Final Countdown... Best yet (and she's quite the looker to boot). The opening band was interesting, fun though, four little ladies accapella-ing to disco beats played on an i-pud. I especially enjoyed the song about aspertain(or however you spell it), and the one about para parasytic fetal fetal twins. But i digress, Kevin's speech about the end of civilization being brought about by the beast war, and only 8 people surviving, him being one, with several friends, and an old lady, becuase God planned it that way, and God likes to fuck-up old ladies. Phil is deeeaaaaad. All the while he polished off an entire bottle of the finest Champagne. Then, when it couldn't possibly get any better, Spencer, Benson and I got to meet with them afterwards, resulting in many a fine signature decorating the cover of a vinyl I had purchased, the news that we were undoubtedly the best audience in Canada so far, and a nice huggins from James Huggins III. I'm having a swell week, after-school wise, coming home in the wee hours and indulging in expensive aesthetic pleasures like a regular teenage troglodyte.
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