the_typhoon (the_typhoon) wrote,

Are You Ready?

Holy shit, Blue Roh-day-oohh, Greg, Jim, Thunder Thumbs Bazil's unborn child. Fucking sweet, what a night, ghetto-blasting downtown scenesters with freaky 80's beats. I can't properly describe the coolness, it would take a true literary master to fully capture the essence in a text and do it justice, so i won't. Right on, Anna. Right on.

Al's party was cool, i dressed up scene to the max, Maddie did my hair, though i didn't get to dye it white like i wanted to, like Dash X from Eerie Indiana. Oh yeah. Thanks to half the ninjas for NOT SHOWING UP. But i'm sure they had there reasons. For all who couldn't come, the highs of the party were very high, and lows were slow, but it all evened out beautifully, 'cept for Al's drunk family not letting Andrew and I leave for half an hour at the door... that was interesting. I had a great time buddy.

Well, homework aside, among other close-to-home happenings which i care not to divulge in a trite "lj" post, i've been having a top-five weekend. Keelor is a god. Jim would be proud.
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